Thank You Laurie!

Have I mentioned how wonderful my friends are? This lovely lady was actually a friend of my husband’s at first. They both teach classes at Ascend Training and Consulting here in Chicago-land.

We have a little in common, both being graphic designers and into tasty food. She started reading my blog when I first posted it and was the first person to comment.

I was so very grateful when my husband brought me this fabulous surprise! Laurie sent me her favorite seasoning along with a note  of encouragement (where she even printed my header as letterhead!). So, here is my note back:

Laurie, you will never know how these little kindnesses mean so very much. How you brightened my day and helped me believe in myself. Thank you for your sunny disposition and support. And of course for the insanely tasty garlic salt!

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2 Responses to Thank You Laurie!

  1. Laurie Ruhlin says:

    Yeah! I’m so glad you like it. Elizabeth, who is 11 is my budding chef, and loves to put it on her creations. From egg in the hole to pasta with pesto, parm cheese and tuscan seasoning. It was nice to see Rich last night, thought I might see you too…. next time!
    I enjoy your blog – now that last night and a few projects are finished I may have some time to cook a few things.

    • allainamae says:

      So sorry I missed you! Maybe next time…

      I am so excited to hear from those who try my recipes. Please post when you do and report what your family rates them. I am grateful for the support and feedback!

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