Welcome Hungry Monkeys!

First off, thank you. Whether you already know me or are somehow stumbling onto my recipe blog unawares, I want to say how I appreciate your willingness to investigate this concept with me. I believe we can feed our families food that is healthy, responsible, chock full of nutrition AND so tasty our kids will beg us for it.

My approach to creating delicious, nutritious food is simple.

  • Start with quality ingredients.
  • Use organic as often as budget and availability allow.
  • Utilize your spice rack heavily but judiciously.
  • Be SNEAKY! Add fruits and veggies everywhere you can.

I am so excited to begin this journey. I have wanted to write a cookbook on this subject for a while now. With 3 daughters (4 year old twins and a 9 year old), however, time is sometimes short for my own projects. My fantastic husband suggested I begin this blog as a means to that end. I can record my recipes here, receive feedback and accept requests for difficult ingredients so as to inspire myself to cook more often, practice my photography, take time to write and within a year or two achieve my goal.

Thank you again. I couldn’t do it without you!

In return for your commitment to provide me with honest feedback, I promise:

  • to test my recipes on real live children and be honest about the results.
  • to explain every step and photograph processes that are more complicated.
  • to create specific steps and whole recipes for your children to help in the kitchen
  • to entertain as best I can.
  • teach you to be SNEAKY

Welcome, fellow foodie! Our journey begins now.


4 Responses to Welcome Hungry Monkeys!

  1. Mae Holmes says:

    Good Recipes !! No Children @ home, but lot of Grandchildren.

    • allainamae says:

      Thanks a lot for letting me know you enjoy my recipes! This is a passion of mine and it means so much to be able to share with people. Let me know when you make something and if your grandkids like it.

  2. Brook Windham says:

    Hey! This is awesome! I did not know you were doing this until just now ;)… I can’t wait to make your Frittata!!!

    • allainamae says:

      I’m so glad you found me! Good choice on the frittata.. it was awesome and you can so easily customize it to your family’s tastes. Enjoy!

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