My Mommy Loves Me!

Let me start out by saying my mother is a thoughtful person. She is always thinking about me and my family when she goes places. So, I was on her mind when she went to a plant sale today at The Morton Arboretum.

She called and asked to come by (not abnormal – we are great friends and she is always visiting with my girls and helping out here) while I was starting work on my Caramelized Onion, Mushroom and Goat Cheese Pizza recipe today. When she walked in I was lamenting how I had forgotten basil at the store. What luck I have! She handed me the most interesting and fragrant little plant – Pistou Basila Pisou Basil! I’ve told you before how I love basil, right? Even better, it’s tiny leaves will never need to be chopped or sliced. As a quadriplegic, it is truly a pain to slice herbs. I just have no leverage for cutting delicate items.

This was not the only gift she carried. In celebration of my new blog she got me 3 new tiny cookbooks. It was like a birthday…  I can’t wait to dive into these beautiful gems.

Thank you Mom, for knowing me so well, truly caring about my interests and being a lovely friend.

You inspire me to be a better mother and strive to see and celebrate my own daughters, each for who they are, and respect what inspires them.

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